Smarter calendar sharing

Create calendars, share them with your followers and measure the results with Hitsub.

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1. Create

Create as many calendars as you need and publish your events.

2. Share

Every calendar has a unique URL. Share it via email or social media.

3. Connect

Your subscribers will always know what's on when.

A direct connection to your followers

Your events are pushed straight to your subscribers' calendars. Any changes appear automatically.

Powerful time zone support

Create events in as many different time zones as you want. Your subscribers will always see the correct time for them in their calendar.

Subscriber and event management

Easy to create. Easy to share. Hitsub makes it simple to share your events and manage your subscribers.

Questions & Answers

What is it?

Hitsub is a calendar sharing platform aimed at making it easy to manage your events and subscribers and increase attendance at your events.

Who is it for?

  • Sporting venues and organisations
  • Live music & entertainment venues
  • Bars, clubs and caf├ęs
  • Professional and social organisations
  • Retail businesses that run public events
  • Schools, libraries and church groups
  • Anyone who runs a calendar of events!

When can we start?

Hitsub is currently in early access private beta. Fill out the form below to get on the invite list to start using the app before everyone else.

Want more details?

Start by getting on the early access list. Beta users' feedback is vital in driving the direction of the product. Got questions? Email David (the founder of Hitsub) directly:

Want to try it out? Request an invite to our early access beta